How do you know if your PS4 controller is broken

How do you know if your PS4 controller is broken?

To learn whether your PS4 is damaged, you can do a physical inspection by checking its exterior damage, analog sticks, and buttons. You can also check its USB cable, port, and wireless connectivity for any sign of damage. Furthermore, look for its battery life and whether the analog stick is drifting. 

Let’s learn about these ways in detail!

Ways To Know The Breakage Status Of Your PS4 Controller

If you’re an avid gamer, your PS4 controller is your trusted companion, which guides you through epic battles and thrilling adventures. But what if it starts showing signs of wear and tear and leaves you worried about whether your PS4 controller is really broken? What can you do to troubleshoot its common issues? Here are the ways you can follow to learn about

Signs Of Wear And Tear: Physical Inspection

Exterior Damage

Begin your investigation with a visual inspection. You have to look for any cracks, loose parts, or broken square buttons. Physical damage can affect the controller’s overall functionality.

Analog Sticks

Check the analog sticks for smooth movement. Here, you should ensure they respond accurately to your input. Stiff or unresponsive sticks can be a sign of internal issues.


Test each button on the controller. Make sure they register when pressed and don’t stick. Unresponsive buttons can significantly impact your gaming experience.

Connectivity And Charging Issues

USB Cable And Port

If you’re experiencing connectivity problems, try using a different USB cable to rule out cable-related issues. Also, test different USB ports on your PS4 to ensure the problem isn’t with the console’s port.

Wireless Connectivity

Connectivity hiccups can be frustrating. For those using wireless connections, check if the controller connects perfectly and maintains a stable connection during gameplay. 

Charging Problems

The next step in determining whether your PS4 controller is really damaged is to inspect the charging cable for any damage and verify if the controller charges when connected to a power source. If it doesn’t charge properly, it could be a sign of internal battery issues.

Battery And Functionality Testing

Battery Life

You should also assess how long the controller holds a charge. A significantly shortened battery life may indicate a problem with the battery or charging circuit.

Functionality Testing

You can also run a series of functionality tests. Ensure the touchpad responds accurately, the light bar changes colors appropriately, and the audio jack outputs sound and inputs microphone signals as they should.

Analog Stick Drift

Analog stick drift occurs when the cursor or character moves unintentionally. So, observe for any signs of drift, and if present, consider recalibrating the analog sticks through the PS4 settings.

Taking Action: What To Do Next?

Vibration Functionality

Test the controller’s vibration function during gameplay. Inconsistent or absent vibrations may indicate a problem with the internal mechanisms.

Input Lag

Check for input lag by navigating menus. If there’s a delay between pressing a button and the action on screen, it could be a sign of connectivity or processing issues.

Hard Reset

If all else fails, try this last step in determining whether your PS4 controller is really damaged: perform a hard reset. Turn off the PS4, unplug it, and hold the PS button on the controller for 10 seconds. After that, reconnect and test functionality.

What If Your PS4 Really Get Broken?

If you find your PS4 controller drifts in a broken condition, you should bring it to our expert techs at Vantel. With our fast, reliable, and budget-friendly repairs, you can continue experiencing uninterrupted gaming sessions once again. 

In Conclusion: Ensuring A Smooth Gaming Experience

In conclusion, keeping an eye on your PS4 controller’s health is essential for a seamless gaming experience. If you do regular inspections, troubleshoot, and take timely action, it can extend the lifespan of your controller and save you from game console repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I fix a sticky button on my PS4 controller?

Cleaning around the button with compressed air can often solve the issue. If the problem persists, consider seeking professional help.

Q2. Why is my PS4 controller not connecting wirelessly?

For this issue, try resetting the controller, ensuring the PS4 firmware is up to date, and checking for interference from other devices.

Q3. Is it normal for the PS4 controller’s battery life to decrease over time?

It’s normal for rechargeable batteries to degrade over time. If the decline is significant, consider replacing the battery.

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