• Battery 1-year warranty
  • Software 30-days warranty
  • Complex main board repair 6-months warranty
  • Water cleaning no-warranty
  • Pre-Owned device 1-year warranty (battery 6-months warranty)
  • 90-Days Warranty for all Apple Genuine parts. 
  • Any physical and/or liquid damage including water damage.
  • Physical damage not limited to the internal components, LCD, Oled, third party repair.
  • Software is rooted after repair
  • Manufacturer faulty design, software glitch and all other related issues that are out of our control.
  • Our warranty does not cover any other issues rather than the parts we fix on devices.
  • Please backup your information before bring a device to the store if possible.
  • We do not touch your info nor force you to provide the passcode but for any reason if the data lost or the device did not turn on, we do not take any responsibility, especially for motherboard repair devices.
  • We do not share any customer information and/or data with any person/party but if you’re not comfortable, you can reset your device to factory data reset before repair.
  • Water/liquid damage devices are risky, so if you bring this type of devices and only some parts like ear speaker or charge port does not work but the rest function properly and we have to do the proper cleaning on the motherboard and the device does not turn on neither work properly after cleaning, we won’t be responsible for any further damage.
  • 7-days return policy on sold devices (15% restocking fee will be applied).
  • Returned devices MUST be in the same condition as when purchased.