How to Fix Stick Drift PS5 Without Opening?

The PlayStation 5(PS5) has taken gaming higher than ever with its vital equipment and inventive highlights. While a super durable fix might include opening up the regulator, here are a few painless methods to fix stick drift on PS5 without opening it. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Align Your Controller
  • Update Firmware
  • Reset Controller
  • Clean the Controller
  • Change Dead Zones
  • Transitory Inversion

In this blog by Vantel, we’ll learn about these steps in detail.

Step by Step Instructions to Fix Stick Drive PS5 Without Opening

1. Align Your Controller

The PS5 gives you the choice to fix the square button on your PS5 controller, and it could assist with fixing minor stick drift issues on the PS5 without opening it. To do this, explore the “Settings” menu, select “Embellishments,” and then, at that point, pick “Regulators.” From that point, you can view it as the “Align Control Sticks” choice. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to adjust your simple sticks.

2. Update Firmware

Guarantee that your PS5 regulator’s firmware is exceptional. Every now and again, Sony delivers updates to develop execution further and address known issues. Interface your regulator to the control center utilizing a USB link and go to the “Settings” menu. Select “Framework,” then “Framework Programming,” and lastly, “Update Framework Programming.” This step could incorporate an update for your regulator, too. 

3. Reset Controller

A fundamental reset can fix stick drift on the PS5 without opening it. Switch off your PS5 and detach the regulator. Press the little reset button on the rear of the regulator utilizing a paperclip or a comparative device. Reconnect the regulator and turn on the control center. Check to assume that the stick float continues. 

4. Clean the Controller

Residue remains, and debris can gather around the simple sticks, causing irregular behavior. Utilize a jar of packed air to blow away any particles around the sticks. Be delicate in trying not to harm the regulator. Furthermore, you can utilize a little brush to clean around the edges of the simple sticks. 

5. Change Dead Zones

Dead zones are areas around the center of the analog sticks where minimal movement isn’t enlisted. A few games permit you to change these settings. Explore the game’s control settings or choices menu and search for no man’s land changes. Increasing the dead zone might help fix a damaged HDMI port on PS5 without opening it.

6. Transitory Inversion

Sometimes, briefly upsetting the affected stick’s controls can give a workaround. Go to the “Settings” menu, select “Frill,” then, at that point, “Regulators.” Pick “Redo Button Tasks” and trade the hazardous stick’s hub. This could give you a transitory arrangement until you can resolve the issue all the more forever. 

Could I fix the stick float on my PS5 regulator without opening it

Yes, there are harmless advances you can take to address stick float issues on your PS5 regulator. Choices incorporate aligning the regulator, refreshing firmware, resetting the regulator, cleaning around the simple sticks, and briefly upsetting controls. These means could give a brief answer for fixing the stick float on the PS5.

How would I adjust my PS5 regulator to address stick float? 

To align your PS5 regulator, explore the “Settings” menu, select “Adornments,” and afterward pick “Regulators.” Search for the “Align Control Sticks” choice, adhere to the on-screen directions, and change the settings depending on the situation. This interaction might help recalibrate the simple sticks and relieve minor stick float issues. 

Is cleaning my PS5 regulator to fix the stick float safe? 

Cleaning your PS5 regulator can be a painless method for fixing the stick float. Utilize a container of compacted air to blow away residue around the simple sticks. Be delicate in trying not to harm the regulator. Moreover, you can utilize a little brush to clean around the edges of the simple sticks. This essential cleaning interaction might assist with killing any outside factors adding to the stick float.


While these means might offer brief help to fix the stick drift on the PS5 without opening it, remember that they probably won’t give an extremely durable arrangement. If the issue continues, it may be essential to contact Sony’s client care for additional help or to consider looking for proficient assistance. Opening the regulator could void the guarantee, so be mindful and investigate these harmless techniques first. You can always reach out to the experts at Vantel for game console repair to get the job done for you in a minimal amount of time! Our certified, licensed, and trained technicians ensure a smooth and hassle-free repair experience.