How Do You Fix A Broken HDMI Port On PS5?

When you connect an HDMI cable to the console, and nothing shows on your TV, there can be an issue with the PlayStation 5’s HDMI port. Surprisingly, some simple DIY steps can fix a damaged HDMI port on your PS5. So, keep reading this blog to ensure your HDMI port works perfectly!  

What Is The HDMI Port Used For

HDMI ports are used to transfer video and audio data from the PlayStation 5 to the TV display. A damaged HDMI can affect your gameplay.

Signs Your PS5 HDMI Port Is Faulty 

These are a few signs that your PS5’s broken HDMI connector needs to be fixed. Even if you aren’t experiencing these problems at the moment, it’s a good idea to make a note of them so you can watch out for them later:

  • TV shows “No Signal” even when the PS5 is powered on and connected
  • PS5’s displayed image is pixelated or warped.
  • PS5’s audio is distorted or doesn’t sound natural.
  • PS5 won’t accept the HDMI cable entirely.
  • The HDMI port on your PS5 is loose, or the internal pins are deformed or broken.

Causes Of PS5’s HDMI Port To Break

The PlayStation HDMI port is sensitive and breakable. The major causes of this are low manufacturing quality and inexpensive production. It is common for the HDMI port to quickly wear down, particularly if you often insert and unplug the PlayStation’s HDMI cable. If the cable is pushed in too far or with too much force, it can damage the port that shows your gaming play. 

5 Solutions For Repairing A Damaged HDMI Connector On PS5

Confirm you have the proper HDMI cable for your PS5 before attempting these repairs. It is advised to use the HDMI 2.1 cable that comes with the system, as using an incorrect type of HDMI cable might result in improper image presentation on the TV. Before starting the process of fixing the PS5 broken HDMI port, read these simple steps listed below. You can save money and effort by following these simple solutions before replacing the HDMI port.

1. Power Cycle Your PS5

You should power cycle your PS5. It can address several performance-related problems. To perform this step:

  • Press and hold the PS5’s power button until it beeps twice, signaling that it has finished shutting off. 
  • Remove the power cord and give the PS5 five minutes to rest after shutting down.
  • Try plugging it in and turning it on again after five minutes.

2. Select the Correct TV HDMI Input

It’s a crucial step in repairing a broken HDMI port of your PS5. It is a common mistake when connecting a console to a TV. Check that the remote connects your TV to the correct HDMI input. Your PS5 won’t be able to show images on the TV if the incorrect input is used. Another option is to try a different HDMI input because sometimes one may not function properly while another does. If you are still facing issues, consider seeking professional help to fix broken HDMI port and ensure a seamless gaming experience with your PS5.

3. Check Both Ends of the HDMI Cable

Examine the exterior of your HDMI cable for any tears or rips. If you see tears, you might want to consider using a new cable because damage to the outside can also affect the inside of the device. Additionally, you can clean the electrical components on both ends of your cable using a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol if there is dirt or debris. A clean one will perform considerably better than a dirty HDMI cord! Ensure the HDMI cable is fully connected to the PS5 and the TV before trying to plug it in again after checking your cable. The TV can not display the image correctly if the cable hangs on either end. Additionally, confirm that the HDMI cable you’re using with your PS5 is the right one. 

4. Boot Your PS5 Into Safe Mode

Changing the video output and entering safe mode on your PS5 can help you resolve the issue. Remember that if your PS5 can’t display any images at all, this could not function. If you’re experiencing problems specific to a broken HDMI port PS4, it’s essential to inspect the port for any physical damage or issues. Seeking professional assistance can be crucial in effectively diagnosing and addressing problems related to a damaged HDMI port on your PS4.

  • Holding the power button down until your PS5 is off will enter safe mode. 
  • Hold the power button for seven seconds until two quick beeps are audible. 
  • Release the power button when the beeps stop.
  • Use a USB cable to attach a controller. The safe mode screen should appear when you press the PS button on the controller.
  • Choose “Change Video Output,” option 2, from safe mode. 
  • Choose “HDCP 1.4 only”. Check whether your PS5 can display correctly on the TV after restarting the system.

5. Look Inside the PS5’s HDMI Port

Look inside the PS5’s HDMI port if the issue hasn’t been fixed yet. In addition to broken pins, you should search for debris or dust obstructing the port. Ensure the console is fully disconnected and switched off before attempting to gently remove anything that could obstruct the port. After that, try turning the console on once more. The repair will be trickier if the pins are bent or damaged. 


These were all the easy DIY fixes you can follow to resolve the issue of a broken HDMI port on your PS5. All these steps are easy yet effective. However, if you are doubtful about your DIY skills and need expert repair services, you can contact Vantel. Our expert will make your HDMI port work properly within no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play PS5 without HDMI

You cannot use your PS5 if it does not have an HDMI connector or a working display output. The PlayStation 5 does not support USB to HDMI; however, some PC systems do.

How do you prevent damage to the HDMI port

  • Do not move the device while the cord is still within the PS5. 
  • Turn off your gaming system and remove the HDMI cable before transferring it.
  • The console should not be placed in a way that makes it simple to turn over.

How long do PS5s last?

PS5s are meant to last six to seven years. You’re in a difficult situation if a problem arises after the first one-year manufacturer’s warranty has passed.