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Ways To Cool Down An Overheated Phone By Vancouver Smartphone Repair Store Experts

Is your phone getting hot when you use it? What could be the reasons for it, and should you be worried about it? Experts at Vancouver Smartphone Repair Store Explain to us all about it.

Although it is obvious that your phone catches the heat and gets warm if it is left in direct sunlight or in a hot temperature for a long period, however, according to the experts at smartphone repair shops, there can also be other reasons for your phone to get heated, whether related to the software of the device or the hardware, which hugely impacts your smartphone’s life. 

Smartphones have indeed become an important part of our lives. They not only contain our important information and data but also helps us stay connected, updated, and entertained. We rely on them to perform our daily tasks smoothly, whether it is related to work or entertainment. Therefore, it is important for us to keep our smartphones in good condition, and for this, we must get our phones checked by professionals in case we suspect a problem.

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Although, you can always seek the help of professionals to diagnose and troubleshoot your device. You must educate yourself about why your phone is overheating, and what you can do to cool it down or prevent it, as most of the time, such issues are caused by how we use our phones regularly. 

You must understand that overheating is not normal for a device, and it is now something you should ignore. According to the experts at Mobile Phone Repair Store In Vancouver, the hot temperature of your device can hugely negatively impact its performance, Shorten its lifespan, degrade the battery causing it to drain faster, and may even cause an explosion which is very dangerous not only for the phone but for your safety as well. But you don’t have to stress over it as, according to the experts, once you understand what’s causing your device to heat up and how you can cool it down or prevent it, you will be able to save a lot of your investment. 

How To Cool Down A Heated Phone? Explained By Vancouver Smartphone Repair Store Experts

Most times, our phones get heated because of the way we use them, such as running heavy apps for a longer time, using cheap chargers, and not updating the software. Therefore, to prevent your phone from getting heated, you must ensure that you never use a cheap quality charger, never run heavy apps on your phone for a long time, always update it to the latest version of the software, and adjust the screen brightness. 

Now that you know the ways to prevent your phone from getting heated let’s have a look at ways to cool down a heated phone. 

Take It To A Room-Temperature Environment

It is very important for your to immediately remove your phone from the heat and place it in a room-temperature environment to cool it down. You must not place it in a cold temperature as, according to the experts at Vancouver Smartphone Repair Store, extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can significantly damage the delicate internal components of your device. Therefore, ideally, you shall place your phone in a room-temperature environment in front of a fan. 

Stop Charging

Overcharging is a common cause for your phone to heat up. Therefore, you must unplug the charger as soon as your battery percentage reaches 100%. However, it is advised to keep the battery charge between 20% – 80%, not more, not less. It is also recommended to always use high-quality, manufacturer-approved chargers as cheap quality chargers’ power supply to the phone may not be adequate, which can negatively impact your phone’s battery. 

Remove The Phone Case & Other Mobile Accessories

Just like a human removes layers such as jackets, sweaters, etc., when they’re feeling hot, you shall remove the layers off your phone too, and that is your phone’s hard case and other mobile accessories as it may help your phone to cool down. 

So these are some ways you can cool down a heated phone, as Vancouver Smartphone Repair Store Experts suggested. However, if your device frequently gets hot, it may need a battery replacement, and for that, you can come to us at Vantel to get your phone’s battery replaced efficiently and instantly. 

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