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How to Get a Battery Replacement for Your Aging Smartphone

Contrary to what the majority of manufacturers would have you believe, you can replace your battery. Your device may live longer if you do this.

You may get a new smartphone every year or two, but most modern phones have a longer lifespan. Like your automobile, sometimes they need a new part, and a new battery is the greatest way to extend the life of your phone’s life. The end user can only replace some batteries. How do you go about acquiring a smartphone?

While most smartphone makers don’t go out of their way to hide the fact that you can buy a new battery, user-replaceable batteries are on the decline. Indeed, when Apple temporarily reduced the price of iPhone battery replacements, around 10 times as many individuals did so as normal (and, coincidentally, far fewer new iPhones sold that year). A fresh battery from a Vancouver Smartphone Repair Store might extend the life of your phone even if the old one is locked inside.

How To Replace Your Smartphone’s Battery

Some Things to Consider Before Replacing the Battery

Batteries are incredibly helpful, but replacing them can be a pain. It’s not unlike taking your car in for repairs: you could do it yourself, but it’s probably faster to hire someone else to do it, and you’ll have to go without your phone while it’s being fixed.

If the necessary battery is readily available, you can get your device fixed at many stores the same day you bring it in. That’s for a local Cell Phone Repair Store In Vancouver with actual locations. A nearby store or Vantel may have what you’re looking for. However, there are instances where you will need to ship your phone for repair, which could result in you need it for several days. While some establishments may offer a loaner phone, doing so may be inconvenient. In contrast, if you replace the battery instead of getting a new phone, you’ll be helping the planet and your wallet out simultaneously.

When You Should Replace the Battery

If your phone is more than two years old and showing its age, consider getting a new battery. You may also manually check your battery’s health to determine whether you need an upgrade sooner, but that’s around the time you might be thinking about getting a new phone anyway since many carriers still offer promotions or payment plans that renew every two years to attract you.
If you have an iPhone, you can check the percentage of your battery’s initial charge capacity that is still usable by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and looking at the Maximum Capacity value.

This is not the current charge level of your battery but rather its maximum capacity in comparison to when it was brand new. When this drops to 80%, it’s time to replace the battery (particularly if it’s still under warranty).

In the same way that Android phones typically end up being a tad more sophisticated, there are a lot of different models out there, and they don’t all function the same. Instead, you may use a dedicated app like AccuBattery to monitor your battery’s performance in great detail.

Receiving a complete picture of your battery’s condition may take a few days, and the app relies on an estimate rather than an official assessment. However, if it has lost more than 80% of its original capability, it may be time to look into a replacement.

Try Third-Party Repair Shops for Android Phones

Even while Android phones don’t have a unified repair system like Apple devices do, third-party repair shops can often fix your phone the same day you bring it in. Repair services could utilize the same Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts that Apple or Samsung would use to fix your device if you sent it in.

There is no set price for Android battery replacement, but you should expect to pay less than $100, though you may need to contact us for an estimate. In addition to the standard alternatives of visiting a store or sending in your device, the company may, in some cases, send a representative to you to fix your phone on the spot.

When All Else Fails, Do It Yourself

You may only sometimes have the option of bringing your phone into a store or sending it away. If you’re dead set on keeping your current phone and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, you can attempt to swap out the battery on your own. Vantel, a website dedicated to phone repairs, has recommendations for replacing batteries in the vast majority of popular models. The guides include in-depth explanations of the necessary tools and steps and accompanying images.

If you want to open your phone, you need a specific toolkit with unique screwheads and other components. In addition, remember that the manufacturer may try to challenge your warranty claims even if you successfully replace a part without voiding the warranty (those warranty-voiding stickers are actually unlawful!). Even if you don’t realize it at the time, If you’re okay with that, or if you’re going to be out of range anyway, try getting a new battery and seeing how it goes.

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