iPhone Charging

iPhone Charging But Not Showing Lightning Bolt

Your iPhone may have many problems. These include a frozen screen, dead battery, app crashes, and issues connecting to Wi-Fi or cellular. It may also overheat. Its camera, speakers, and volume control may not work. However, the problem of the iPhone charging but not showing lightning may cause the device to shut down.

6 Reasons Why iPhone Charging but Not Showing the Lightning Bolt

Before finding a solution to the iPhone lightning problem, you must first understand the cause. The main explanations for iPhone charging problems include the following points.

1. The Charging Adapter and Cable is Faulty

The most apparent reason why the lightning bolt is not detected is that the charging cable, adapter, or both are damaged. A lousy cable or adapter will not power the device. It’s a good idea to check the charger for damaged cables, bent connectors, or wear and tear. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the iPhone battery is original or not.

2. A Blocked Charging Port

The iPhone charging symbol does not appear because dirt, dust, lint, and debris have accumulated in the charging area. This may cause a blockage when you connect the charger to your iPhone.

3. Errors and Software Malfunctions

Although this is rare, bugs and viruses can cause payment problems. These bugs, glitches, and bugs attack the iPhone operating system and can cause lightning to disappear.

4. Outdated iOS Version

If you have not updated your device to the latest version, the bolt icon will disappear. Older iOS versions may be incompatible with many applications and operating systems, which may cause the glitch that causes this issue.

5. Hardware is Malfunctioning

Another reason the iPhone charging indicator is missing is hardware failure. This includes damage to the charger circuit or battery. If the phone sustains damage, it will not display the light icon.

6. Issues with the Power Source

Sometimes, the problem is with the outlet, not the charger or iPhone. If the phone sustains damage, it will not display the light icon. It is best to determine the possibility of an electrical problem before proceeding.

7 Tips to Solve Charging Issues with Your iPhone

Once you understand why the iPhone charging icon is not showing, you can follow the correct instructions to fix this problem.

1. Check the Charging Cable and Adapter

The first tip is to check the charging cable and adapter for damage. Inspect the charger for bent connectors, frayed edges, and damage. Replacing the adapter or charging cable is the best option if you see signs of damage.

2. Force Restart is Essential

Sometimes restarting your iPhone can be a good step. Here are some steps you can take.

  • You should quickly release the iPhone’s Volume Up button.
  • Press and instantly let go of the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

3. Update the iPhone’s iOS

Updating iOS to the latest version will help solve iPhone charging problems, but lightning will not appear. The software contains bugs intended to improve iPhone performance.

  • You can open the Settings.
  • Go to General and find Software Update.
  • Accept the update option, if available.

4. Wipe Dirt off the Charging Port

Dust, dirt, and debris can get stuck on the charging surface, blocking the connection between the charger and the iPhone. The best way is to use:

  • A soft-bristled brush
  • Toothpick
  • Compressed air

This will gently clean the charging port and remove debris.

5. Close the Background Apps

You can also solve the problem of iPhone charging but no charging icon by closing background apps. This step is essential when charging, as many apps use too much power and can cause battery-draining problems.

6. Reset iPhone Battery Settings

Sometimes, the phone’s battery settings do not work. You must recalibrate the settings as follows.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Reach the Battery option.
  • Find Battery Health and select “Reset Battery Settings.”

7. Contact Providers And iPhone Customer Support

You may only resolve the iPhone charging issue with an indicator despite many attempts and following the above steps. In such a case, the last resort would be to take the device to customer support or a third-party repair shop specializing in fixing iPhone repair issues.


Essential steps to fix the iPhone charging but not showing a lightning bolt include checking the charging cable and adapter if there is no lightning, forcing a reset (necessary), and updating your iPhone’s iOS. It would be best if you also wiped the dirt off the charging dock, closed background apps, reset the battery, and contacted iPhone repair stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the payment icon appear on my iPhone?

The iPhone charging is not showing a lightning bolt because of a faulty charger, software glitch, debris in the charging area, hardware malfunction, and an outdated iOS version.

Does the lightning bolt mean it’s charging?

The lightning symbol means that your iPhone is charged and has no problem.

Why is my phone showing as charging but won’t turn on?

If your phone isn’t turning on despite charging, this might indicate hardware failure, drained battery, or software malfunction.