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Tips To Fix Phone Speakers By Vancouver Smartphone Repair Store

Anyone who experiences sound issues would know how important it is for phone speakers to work properly. Not being able to hear the other person talk can be really frustrating, especially if it is something related to work. If you are someone who is facing speaker issues, this article is for you as the experts at the Vancouver smartphone repair store give us some tried and tested tips to make our speakers function properly again.

It would not be wrong to say that the manufacturers of smartphones make the phone speakers sturdy, but still, they are unable to stand against any debris or dirt that may get stuck inside them. Similarly, software malfunctions and bugs may also cause the phone speaker to give muffled sounds or, in worse cases, may cause the speakers to stop working.

We at Vantel can help solve all your phone-related issues. Whether it is your speakers that need replacement or the phone battery, you can confidently come to us as we make use of high-quality, original replacement components sourced from the phone manufacturers to ensure your phone gets back to its original condition after the repair. If you would like to check out our services offered by us, you may visit the link.

How To Fix Phone Speakers Not Working? Vancouver Smartphone Repair Explains

Sound issues are frustrating, not only because you face hearing issues when making calls but also because you are unable to listen to your favorite music or watch videos on YouTube. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that your phone speakers are working properly in order to enjoy using your mobile phone.

Here we have listed some of the methods that you can try to make your phone speakers work properly again, as suggested by the experts at the Vancouver cell phone repair store.

Update Phone To The Latest Software Version

If you are facing sound issues because of any software malfunction or bugs, it is wise to ensure that your phone is updated to the latest software version. As the updates in software are generally introduced by the manufacturers to fix any bugs or errors that may exist in the previous version or introduce better imporved and new features to the software such as optimum battery performance etc. It may be that by updating your phone to the latest version, your phone speaker issues get resolved.

Reboot The Phone

If the phone speakers have suddenly stopped working out of no where it may be that there is some minor issues as solving it as simple as restarting your phone. Therefore, before you move on to take other steps, you shall try turning off your phone for a while and then it turn to see if the sound issue that you are facing has been resolved or not.

Examine The Sound Properly

It is worth mentioning that sometimes it is just that the volume is low in your phone. Therefore you must examine the sound and make sure that the volume is turned up before you move on to the other steps. After turning up the volume, check if you can hear the voice clearly now.

Check The Headphone’s Output

Oftentimes, people unplug the headphones with the phone but the device keeps working on the connected mode. That is mainly because the service has been unable to process the event that took place. Therefore, whenever you play something on your device it gets played on the headphone. Hence, it is recommended by the experts at smartphone repair shop to turn off your phone’s bluetooth and ensure that your device is not connected to any headphone to ensure this is not what the problem it.

Let The Speakers Dry If They Are Wet

If some unforeseen event happened and you accidentally dropped the device in water or spilled liquid on itand suddenly your phone has stopped working. Then according to the experts before you move on to try other things you shall first let your phone and the speakers dry completely. You may even try to wipe off the water and blow some air on it but you must make sure that phone is switched off while you do that.

These are some of the proven steps suggested by the experts at vancouver smartphone repair store to make your phone speakers work properly again. Unfortunately, if none of the methods mentioned above work for you then you may bring it to us to det it properly inspected, diagnosed and fixed. For more information, you may visit our website.

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